Which Hollywood Scream Queen Are You?

1. An intruder breaks into your home in the middle of the night. Where do you hide?

2. You’re going on a first date and you’re buying a new top to wear. What color do you choose?

3. A burglar is after you and you can’t escape. How do you fight him off?

4. You’re driving to work in the morning and turn on the radio. Which song do you blast on the way to work?

5. In what vulnerable position would a killer most likely find you in?

6. If you were having a sleep over, which of these games would you play with your friends?

7. Which would you rather find in your room when you wake up in the morning:

8. You go to a party and have way too much to drink. Which are you most likely to do?

9. It’s Halloween and you forgot to buy candy. Which last-minute candy do you get?

10. You’re home alone and you hear a dull thud in the garage. How do you react?

11. Halloween is here. What tradition are you most likely to participate in?

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