You're gonna need
a bigger living room.


All right, Mr. DeMille,
I'm ready for my first clue.

Mama always said life was like
a box of top-notch movie trivia.

May the easiest clue
be with you.

Toto, I've got a feeling

we don't know what movie it is.

- I want the clues.
- You can't handle the clues!

Of all the Kickstarter projects
in all the sites in the world,
you walk into ours.

Fasten your seatbelts —
It's going to be
a  frustratingly fun night.

There's no crying
in  Name Dropping!

The first rule of  Name Dropping  is
you tell all your friends
about Name Dropping™.

How do you play Name Dropping?


Teams of Two
Players split up into teams of two, with one person on each team playing the role of the Clue Giver and the other the role of the Guesser. To start the game, the Clue Giver on the first team draws a movie card.
Set of Clues
Each card features the title of a famous movie, plus six clues that relate to that movie. Clue Givers take turns reading clues aloud to their partners, who can either guess the movie title or pass.
Who knows who?
Clues get easier as they go, so guessing sooner means a better chance of winning! Guess right and your team gets the movie card. Guess wrong and you're out of the round. At the end of the game, the team with the most cards wins!